Structured and unstructured continuous models for Wolbachia infections


Farkas JZ & Hinow P (2010) Structured and unstructured continuous models for Wolbachia infections. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 72 (8), pp. 2067-2088.;

We introduce and investigate a series of models for an infection of a diplodiploid host species by the bacterial endosymbiont Wolbachia. The continuous models are characterized by partial vertical transmission, cytoplasmic incompatibility and fitness costs associated with the infection. A particular aspect of interest is competitions between mutually incompatible strains. We further introduce an age-structured model that takes into account different fertility and mortality rates at different stages of the life cycle of the individuals. With only a few parameters, the ordinary differential equation models exhibit already interesting dynamics and can be used to predict criteria under which a strain of bacteria is able to invade a population. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, the age-structured model shows significant differences concerning the existence and stability of equilibrium solutions compared to the unstructured model.

Wolbachia; Cytoplasmic incompatibility; Age-structured population dynamics; Stability analysis; Animal populations Mathematical models; Wolbachia

Bulletin of Mathematical Biology: Volume 72, Issue 8

Publication date30/11/2010
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