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The ACCENT Policy Wizard



Turner KJ & Campbell GA (2009) The ACCENT Policy Wizard. Technical Report CSM, 166. Department of Computing Science and Mathematics, University of Stirling.

The ACCENT project (Advanced Component Control Enhancing Network Technologies) developed a practical and comprehensive policy system for call control/Internet telephony. The policy system has subsequently been extended for management of sensor networks/wind farms and of home care/telecare. This report focuses on a web-based policy wizard that acts as the primary interface between end users and the policy system. The policy wizard has an intimate knowledge of the APPEL policy language (Adaptable and Programmable Policy Environment and Language). The wizard allows end users to create policies using nearnatural language without knowing or seeing XML, and to upload them to the policy system. The wizard also provides a number of convenience functions such as predefined policy templates, editing and activating existing policies, and defining policy variables. Relative to the version of December 2005, this Technical Report has been updated as follows to reflect changes in the policy wizard: - The whole report has been updated to reflect later work on the PROSEN and MATCH projects. As a result, the ACCENT and APPEL acronyms have changed. Call control, however, remains are the primary illustration of the approach in this report. - Chapter 1 is now named ‘Introduction’, and a brief ‘Conclusion’ chapter has been added in section 4. - Chapter 2 has been updated to sheet screenshots of the new policy wizard. The wizard now handles resolution policies. - The wizard now makes use of ontologies, as described briefly in section 3.1. All domain-specific knowledge is held outside the wizard, so that largely common code can be used across all domains. As a result, the wizard configuration now also refers to the POPPET server. - Section 3.6 describes a new code structure that allows different versions of the wizard to coexist. - A brief explanation has been given in section 3.8 of what is involved in supporting a new application domain with the wizard.

; Database searching; System design; Management information systems

Title of seriesTechnical Report CSM
Number in series166
Publication date30/04/2009
PublisherDepartment of Computing Science and Mathematics, University of Stirling
ISSN of series1460-9673

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Professor KEN Turner

Professor KEN Turner

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