Technical Report

The ACCENT Policy Server



Reiff-Marganiec S & Turner KJ (2005) The ACCENT Policy Server. Technical Report CSM, 164. Department of Computing Science and Mathematics, University of Stirling.

The designs expressed in this report are copyright of the University of Stirling. Certain aspects may also be protected by patents held by Mitel Networks Corporation. Publication of this report does not confer the right to use or adapt these designs in whole or in part. The ACCENT project was concerned with developing a practical and comprehensive policy language for call control. The project therefore studied a number of distinct tasks: the definition of the language, and also a threelayer architecture for deploying and enforcing policies defined in the language. This document focuses on the policy system layer of the three-layer architecture. The policy system layer is concerned with storing, deploying and enforcing policies. It represents the core functionality of the three-layer architecture. This report discusses the prototype implementation at a technical level. It is intended as supporting documentation for developers continuing to enhance the prototype, as well as those wishing to gain an insight into the technical details of the policy server layer.

; Computer programming Management; Computer software Reliability; System design; Computer software Quality control

Title of seriesTechnical Report CSM
Number in series164
Publication date31/12/2005
PublisherDepartment of Computing Science and Mathematics, University of Stirling
ISSN of series1460-9673

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Professor KEN Turner

Professor KEN Turner

Emeritus Professor, Computing Science