Book Chapter

'Birth: Eternal Grieving of the Spotless Mind'


Izod J & Dovalis J (2011) 'Birth: Eternal Grieving of the Spotless Mind'. In: Hauke C & Hockley L (eds.) Jung & Film II: The Return. Hove, East Sussex: Taylor & Francis (Routledge), pp. 66-91.

In Jonathan Glazer’s Birth, Anna, a 35-year-old woman widowed for ten years, is on the point of remarrying. A boy Sean comes to her apartment saying that he is her late husband, who was also called Sean. Anna and her family initially find refuge in polished derision from the ten-year old’s persistent claims. But the boy collapses after she forbids him to see her again, and the shock of it ends for her the safe option of scepticism. Helpless before the dawning realisation that the boy is indeed her late husband reborn, Anna soon obsessively starts planning to elope with him. Now read on...

Birth; Jonathan Glazer; Nicole Kidman; Lauren Bacall; Grieving in the cinema; Danny Huston; Grief in motion pictures; Reincarnation Drama; Man-woman relationships Drama

Publication date31/12/2011
PublisherTaylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publisher URL…rn-9780415488976
Place of publicationHove, East Sussex