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Contemporary Scottish Cinema



Neely S (2008) Contemporary Scottish Cinema. In: Blain N & Hutchison D (eds.) The Media in Scotland. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, pp. 151-165.

First paragraph: In an article in the Scottish cultural magazine, The Drouth, Mark Cousins provocatively bemoaned the lack of a vibrant film culture in Scotland. Putting Iran’s cinematic achievements forward as a – perhaps surprising – example, Cousins identifies several reasons for Scotland’s underdevelopment, most of which revolve around a lack of experimentation and a general absence of interest in exploring the capabilities of the film form. This he puts down to the dominance of an accomplished literary tradition and the consequent development of oral culture rather than a visual alternative. Blame is also laid on various training schemes and funding initiatives espousing the rigid frameworks of mainstream film-making practices without allowing much room for new forms and practices to emerge (Cousins 2006: 12–13).

Scotland; Film; Motion pictures Scotland; Motion picture industry Scotland

Publication date31/05/2008
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