Invisible Journalists



McKay JM (2004) Invisible Journalists. Media Education Journal, 36, pp. 13-15.

First paragraph: If you go into a newsagent to buy a magazine you’re likely to find around 450 titles to choose from. If you shop at one of the bigger supermarkets there might even be as many as 800. Yet this still represents only a small selection of the total number of magazines published in the UK. That figure is about 8,500 and can’t be precise because every year another 500 or so titles are launched. Some disappear too but the fact is that the UK has a large and lively periodicals industry publishing a huge range of titles to expanding audiences at home and abroad. These audiences tend to trust what they read in their magazines more than they trust their newspapers. Millions of magazines are sold weekly and almost everyone reads or buys one, or more likely several, at least on an occasional basis.

Journalism; Magazines; Periodical; Publishing; Training; Authors and readers; Periodicals

Media Education Journal: Volume 36

Publication date31/12/2004
PublisherAssociation for Media Education in Scotland (AMES)
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