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Book Chapter

Collaborating to Improve Learning and Teaching

Drew V, Fox A & McBride M (2008) Collaborating to Improve Learning and Teaching. In: Reeves J & Fox A (eds.) Practice Based Learning: Developing Excellence in Teaching. Policy & Practice in Education, 24. Edinburgh: Dunedin Academic Press Ltd, pp. 52-66.

First paragraph: This chapter explores what it means to engage in collaborative professional enquiries in schools. In particular it examines the relationships between collaborative enquiry; teacher activism and leadership; and improving learning and teaching at school level.

collaboration; collaborative professional enquiry; teacher activism; evidence-informed practice; teacher leadership; Teachers Training of; Teachers In-service training

Author(s)Drew, Valerie; Fox, Alison; McBride, Mary
Title of seriesPolicy & Practice in Education
Number in series24
Publication date31/12/2008
PublisherDunedin Academic Press Ltd
Publisher URL…heory_and_Policy
Place of publicationEdinburgh
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