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The scrumpled geography of literacy


Edwards R (2008) The scrumpled geography of literacy. In: Proceedings from the SCUTREA 38th Annual Conference. 38th Annual SCUTREA Conference, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, 02.07.2008-04.07.2008. Edinburgh: SCUTREA.

Drawing upon the experience of the Literacies for Learning in Further Education research project in the UK, this paper explores the attempt to identify and conceptualise those ‘border literacies’ which may act as resources for learning and attainment for adults within their college courses. This paper outlines, drawing upon actor-network theory, the conceptual innovations that we found necessary arising from our data analysis, extending existing work on situating practice and boundary crossing to posit a conceptual landscape that we term the ‘scrumpled geography’ of literacy.

Literacy practices; Actor-network theory; Deleuze; Situated practices; Boundary crossing; Further education; Formal learning; Everyday learning; Border literacies

Publication date31/12/2008
Publication date online31/12/2008
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Place of publicationEdinburgh
Conference38th Annual SCUTREA Conference
Conference locationUniversity of Edinburgh, Edinburgh