Educational policy in Scotland: inclusion and the control society



Watson C (2010) Educational policy in Scotland: inclusion and the control society. Discourse, 31 (1), pp. 93-104.

This paper sets out to examine educational policy and practice in Scotland, showing how the 'comprehensive and coherent programme to promote social inclusion' - inculcating 'readiness to learn', ensuring that education equips the young for adult life, creating a demand for lifelong learning, above all through the presumption of mainstreaming - is indicative of and constitutive of a change in the way in which we are subject to governance in Scotland. This shift can be read as consistent with a move from a predominantly 'disciplinary' society as set out by Michel Foucault towards the 'control society' as elaborated by Gilles Deleuze - a society which does not operate through confinement but continuous control made possible by cybertechnology. Although it specifically draws on Scottish legislation and policy, it should be recognised that this is itself subject to emergent global education policy and so its relevance goes beyond these borders.

discipline; educational policy; additional support; control society; Educational leadership Scotland.; School management and organization Scotland

Discourse: Volume 31, Issue 1

Publication date28/02/2010
Date accepted by journal01/01/1990
PublisherTaylor & Francis (Routledge)

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Professor Cate Watson

Professor Cate Watson

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