Curriculum for Excellence: transformational change or business as usual?


Priestley M (2010) Curriculum for Excellence: transformational change or business as usual?. Scottish Educational Review, 42 (1), pp. 23-36.[1]

Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) is a good example of a new breed of national curriculum; a curricular model that seeks to combine top-down government prescription with bottom-up school-based curriculum development by teaching professionals. However, in developing a renewed view of teachers as agents of change and relaxing curriculum prescription, CfE has attracted criticism for its vagueness in terms of content and for a mix-and-match approach and seemingly atheoretical design. This paper engages in a critique of CfE, and proposes a process by which practitioners may make sense of and enact the new curriculum.  The full text of this work will be available on the Scottish Educational Review journal home page:[1]/

; Education Scotland Curricula; Curriculum planning Scotland; Scotland Scottish Executive

Scottish Educational Review: Volume 42, Issue 1

Publication date31/05/2010
PublisherScottish Educational Review
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