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Intergenerational Place-based Education: where schools, communities and nature meet



Mannion G, Adey C & Lynch J (2010) Intergenerational Place-based Education: where schools, communities and nature meet. Scottish Centre for Intergenerational Practice.

The report is an exploration of the synergies (existing and possible) between intergenerational practice, formal school-linked provisions, and the field of place-focused approaches to education. Our focus was to consider intergenerational educational programmes that were connected to schools and at the same time, were concerned with making community-wide connections to some local, outdoor and natural places through outdoor experiences of different kinds. Thus, the key aim of the research was to consider what were the opportunities and issues for intergenerational place-based education, what its effects might be, and what the consequences for other schools might look like.

intergenerational education; intergenerational practice; outdoor learning; nature; learning outside the classroom; Outdoor education; Environment and children; Intergenerational relations

FundersScottish Centre for Intergenerational Practice
Publication date31/12/2010
PublisherScottish Centre for Intergenerational Practice
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Professor Gregory Mannion

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