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Research Report

Supporting learning with ICT in pre-school settings

Plowman L & Stephen C (2006) Supporting learning with ICT in pre-school settings. Economic and Social Research Council. Teaching and Learning Research Briefing, 15. Teaching and Learning Research Programme (TLRP).

The introduction of ICT (information and communication technologies) to the playroom can present challenges. How can practitioners respond to changes and create opportunities for learning with ICT? Practitioners and researchers worked together in the project Interplay to address these questions. They reflected on ways in which children’s encounters with ICT could be enhanced. They used the concept of guided interaction to initiate small projects which explored different approaches to supporting learning in different settings, and shared their findings with each other.

ICT; technology; preschool; practitioners; pedagogy; Technology and children; Technology Study and teaching; Computers and children; Education, Preschool

Author(s)Plowman, Lydia; Stephen, Christine
Title of seriesTeaching and Learning Research Briefing
Number in series15
Publication date31/03/2006
PublisherTeaching and Learning Research Programme (TLRP)
Publisher URL
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