Book Chapter

The Glasgow Race Disturbances of 1919


Jenkinson J (1985) The Glasgow Race Disturbances of 1919. In: Lunn K (ed.) Race and Labour in Twentieth-Century Britain. London: Frank Cass and Company Limited (Taylor & Francis: Routledge), pp. 43-67.

The 1919 race 'riots' in Britain are still an under-researched area of black history and the events in Glasgow have been particularly neglected. Using an extensive range of newspaper reports and some first-hand accounts, this article attempts to reconstruct the Glasgow disturbances. It also examines their significance in the overall framework of the British experience, in the particular context of 'Red Clydeside' and the background of the victims of these racial attacks. The particular circumstances of the Glasgow disturbances not only add to our knowledge of the 1919 riots but offer a more complex analytical perspective for future research.

Publication date31/12/1985
PublisherFrank Cass and Company Limited (Taylor & Francis: Routledge)
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Place of publicationLondon