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What has a Decade of Devolution done for Scots Family Law?



Sutherland EE (2009) What has a Decade of Devolution done for Scots Family Law?. In: Aitken B (ed.) The International Survey of Family Law 2009. 2009 Edition ed. The International Survey of Family Law, 16. Bristol: Jordan Publishing, Family Law.

The Scottish Parliament celebrates its tenth birthday in 2009. Enormous hopes attached to its creation and this chapter assesses what it has done for family law. Certainly, the Scottish Parliament has been busy, passing legislation reforming the birth status of children; the position of non-marital fathers; adoption law; child protection; marriage law; the grounds for divorce and civil partnership dissolution and the consequences thereof; and the position of non-marital cohabitants, both during the relationship and on its termination. In addition, it has co-operated in legislation passed at Westminster on gender recognition and the creation of civil partnerships and the statute currently in progress on assisted reproduction. The various reforms are assessed, using the criteria of equality, respect for diversity, empowerment and protection.

family law; Scottish Parliament; Domestic relations Scotland; Children Legal status, laws, etc. Scotland

Title of seriesThe International Survey of Family Law
Number in series16
Publication date31/07/2009
PublisherJordan Publishing, Family Law
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Place of publicationBristol
ISBN978 1 84661 182 7

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