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Andine traditionelle Kulturen und das Christentum


Dedenbach-Salazar Saenz S (2007) Andine traditionelle Kulturen und das Christentum. In: Piepke JG & Quack A (eds.) Kultur und Religion in der Begegnung mit dem Fremden. Veröffentlichungen des Missionspriesterseminars St. Augustin,, 56. Nettetal, Germany: Steyler Verlag, pp. 113-178.

This paper presents contemporary Andean religion in its historical context, thereby exploring how and why modern religious beliefs and practices use both, Andean and Christian concepts. The first step is to present colonial ecclesiastic policy, its perception by the indigenous population and the reaction of some Andean persons to it. This is followed by the presentation of two religious concepts through time: multiple deities and the communication with deities. These examples are used to show how the Spanish usage of Andean languages for the purpose of Christianisation has influenced the development of modern Andean religion.

Religion; Andes; Quechua; Amerindian; Andes region Religion; Christianity Latin America; Indians of South America Religion; Quechua Indians Religion; Quechua Indians Rites and ceremonies

Title of seriesVeröffentlichungen des Missionspriesterseminars St. Augustin,
Number in series56
Publication date31/12/2007
PublisherSteyler Verlag
Publisher URL
Place of publicationNettetal, Germany