Performing women: The gendered dimensions of the UK new research economy



Fletcher C, Boden R, Kent J & Tinson J (2007) Performing women: The gendered dimensions of the UK new research economy. Gender, Work and Organization, 14 (5), pp. 433-453.

This paper explores the development and maintenance of familiar gendered employment patterns and practices in UK universities, which are exemplars of new modes of knowledge production, commodification and marketisation. After discussing in detail the evidence of gender discrimination in UK higher education and the changes in the academic labour process consequent to the incorporation, at least at the policy level, of universities into the ‘knowledge economy’, institution-specific data is used to highlight the gendered aspects of the research economy from the three intermeshing perspectives of research culture, research capital and the research production process. This nexus is constructed in such a way as to systematically militate against women’s full and equal involvement in research. Lack of transparency, increased competition and lower levels of collegiate activity coupled with networking based on homosociability are contributing to a research production process where women are marginalized.

gender equity; universities; research culture; research capital; research production process

Gender, Work and Organization: Volume 14, Issue 5

Publication date30/09/2007
Publication date online10/08/2007
PublisherBlackwell Publishing

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Professor Julie Tinson

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