Frail older people's experiences and use of health and social care services



Themessl-Huber M, Hubbard G & Munro P (2007) Frail older people's experiences and use of health and social care services. Journal of Nursing Management, 15 (2), pp. 222-229.

Aims To highlight older people’s experiences and expectations of services and the consequences for service provision, service development and research. Rationale A large amount of resources have been invested in providing services for frail older people who experienced multiple hospital admissions. However, their own views are under-reported. Method Semi-structured interviews with frail older people were conducted in four Scottish Health Board areas to explore the context of emergency admissions and the use of extramural services. Outcomes Frail older people are high users of services but claim that services are not responsive to their main concerns: meeting individual needs, maximizing independence and helping to live fulfilled lives. Services not catering for these needs are often cancelled or left in abeyance. Conclusion The same people who are targeted by care services are reluctant to engage with them. Care providers need to adopt older people’s priorities to provide them with responsive patient-centred care.

community care; emergency hospital admissions; older people; patientcentred; Institutional care Great Britain; Social interaction; Older people Institutional care; Old age assistance

Journal of Nursing Management: Volume 15, Issue 2

Publication date31/03/2007
Publication date online02/03/2007
Date accepted by journal20/01/2006

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Dr Gill Hubbard

Dr Gill Hubbard

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