Blood spot testing: Comparing techniques and automated devices


Glenesk A, Shepherd A, Niven C & Mackenzie J (2006) Blood spot testing: Comparing techniques and automated devices. British Journal of Midwifery, 14 (2), pp. 96-99.

The use of automated devices for blood spot sampling will ensure safety and benefits for babies and midwives (UKNSPC, 2005). The devices available differ in the technique of incision. The majority, which are less expensive utilise a guillotine incision and the other less common devices utilise an arched shaped incision. The results of a randomised controlled trial comparing two devices with the different techniques of incision suggest that devices with an arched shaped incision provide better quality blood samples, require fewer heel pricks to obtain a quality sample and the devices are cost neutral when all aspects of the blood spot sample are taken into account.

; Blood Transfusion; Blood banks

British Journal of Midwifery: Volume 14, Issue 2

Publication date28/02/2006
PublisherMark Allen Publishing
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