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Predict Your Child: a system to suggest the facial appearance of children

Frowd CD, Bruce V, Chang HY, Plenderleith Y, McIntyre AH & Hancock PJB (2008) Predict Your Child: a system to suggest the facial appearance of children. Journal of Multimedia, 3 (1), pp. 28-35.

We have developed a novel software program called ‘Predict Your Child’ that, given photographs of potential parent faces, generates plausible looking children. The parent photographs are imported into a PCA-based model of facial appearance to give a set of face parameters that can be mixed together to produce offspring faces. The program is intended for entertainment and has been used commercially, with customers emailing photographs of parents to be bred. In this paper, we describe the system, developed from an evolutionary facial composite system called EvoFIT, outline some of the problems encountered and present some performance data.

face perception; evolution; breeding; facial composite system

Journal of Multimedia: Volume 3, Issue 1

Author(s)Frowd, Charlie D; Bruce, Vicki; Chang, Helen Y; Plenderleith, Yvonne; McIntyre, Alex H; Hancock, Peter J B
Publication date31/05/2008
PublisherAcademy Publisher
Publisher URL…jmm03012835.html
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