The Role of Corporate Branding in a Market Driving Strategy


Tarnovskaya V, Elg U & Burt S (2008) The Role of Corporate Branding in a Market Driving Strategy. International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, 36 (11), pp. 941-965.

Purpose - The aim of this paper is to examine the relationship between corporate branding and market driving. This is achieved by focusing on key dimensions of brand identity such as brand values and staff behaviours, while acknowledging the role of vision and organizational culture. The links between these brand constituents and the actual activities of the firm in a market are explored through interactions with stakeholders. Design/methodology/approach - This research is based on an in-depth case study of IKEA at a corporate level and its local market activities in Russia. The single-case approach is used to generate insights into how corporate branding is related to market driving practices and to identify the mechanisms of market driving in the Russian market. Findings - We argue that the corporate brand provides a further source of the “leap” in customer value recognised as a requirement for a market driving approach. Through a case study of IKEA in Russia we illustrate how the core values of the brand guide both the behaviour and activities of internal stakeholders and the relationships with external stakeholders, and explore the interactions between the corporate “global” brand values and local market level activities. Originality/value - Insights on the role of a corporate brand as a driving force of market driving. Conceptualisation of market driving from a broad stakeholder perspective.

corporate brand; brand values; market driving; IKEA; Russia

International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management: Volume 36, Issue 11

Publication date31/12/2008