Development of a Service Quality Scale for Pharmaceutical Supply Chains



Ahmad N, Awan MU, Raouf A & Sparks L (2009) Development of a Service Quality Scale for Pharmaceutical Supply Chains. International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing, 3 (1), pp. 26-45.

Purpose – To develop a scale for the measurement of service quality in pharmaceutical supply chains. Methodology / approach - 413 pharmaceutical retailers working in the 2 biggest cities of Pakistan responded to a survey. Confirmatory factor analysis developed a valid and reliable service quality measurement scale with 4 dimensions and 10 items. Findings - Findings of this research are consistent with other service quality studies. There is no universal set of dimensions and items that determine service quality across a section of service industries. Service quality measurement must be adapted to fit the context. Research limitations / implications – Convenience sampling was undertaken for this research. This research contributes to the measurement of service quality by developing a valid and reliable measurement scale in a previously ignored sector. Practical implications – The scale developed in this research can be used by pharmaceutical distribution companies in Pakistan to measure, control and improve the service quality provided to pharmaceutical retailers. Originality / value - This research provides framework to researchers to build up more pharmaceutical supply chains service quality scale development studies in similar situations so that more concrete generalizations can be made.

Pakistan; service quality; measurement scale; distributors-retailers; Pharmaceutical supply chains; Quality assurance; Service Quality; Hospital pharmacies Quality control Pakistan; Pharmaceutical industry; Pharmaceutical industry Pakistan Statistics

International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing: Volume 3, Issue 1

Publication date31/12/2009

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Professor Leigh Sparks

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