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A Critical Account of the Process of Branding: towards a synthesis

El-Amir A & Burt S (2010) A Critical Account of the Process of Branding: towards a synthesis. Marketing Review, 10 (1), pp. 69-86.;

Echoing the shift in orientation from transactional to relationship marketing (Gronroos 2006), the debate over the process of branding has moved from a managerially closed to a socially open orientation (Pitt, Watson, Berthon, Wynn and Zinkhan 2006) creating a multidisciplinary intellectual puzzle. In light of the ‘limit attitude’ approach in critical marketing (Tadajewski and Brownlie 2008), this paper attempts to make sense of this puzzle through a critical examination of the evolution in branding thought. The paper concludes by developing a synthesis, through a constructed tree metaphor, which conceptualizes the multidisciplinary process of branding within a single organic (holistic and integrated) framework.

branding; critical marketing; conceptual frameworks; constructed metaphors; Branding (Marketing); Social marketing

Marketing Review: Volume 10, Issue 1

Author(s)El-Amir, Ayman; Burt, Steven
Publication date31/03/2010
PublisherWestburn Publishers Ltd
Publisher URL…ting-review.aspx
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