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Review of Anxiety, phobias, and panic



Swanson V (2008) Review of Anxiety, phobias, and panic. Review of: Review of Anxiety, phobias, and panic (no details found).. Psychology Teaching Review, 14 (1), pp. 101-103.

Peurifoy, Reneau Z. (2006). Anxiety, phobias, and panic; London: Piatkus, pp.234; 978-0-749-92663-2.Reviews the book, Anxiety, phobias, and panic by Reneau Z. Peurifoy, (2006). This book suggests 'anxiety disorders affect five per cent of the (US) population at any one time'. There is no doubt that anxiety disorders are common and distressing, and affect people's day to day quality of life. The book is clearly aimed at individuals who want to reduce their anxiety using self-directed learning. The author is an experienced therapist and clearly a good communicator--the book is presented in a very structured way using principles of cognitive behavior therapy and offers a series of 'lessons' that the reader should follow in order to understand and reduce their psychological distress. There are 15 chapters in all. The book lacks contextual information, and doesn't explain links between anxiety, phobias and panic and potentially related health problems. The book also takes no account of social contexts or exposure to life events which may influence the acquisition and treatment of anxiety disorder--and limit the usefulness of self-help manuals such as this one.

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Psychology Teaching Review: Volume 14, Issue 1

Publication date31/12/2008
PublisherBritish Psychological Society
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Item discussedReview of Anxiety, phobias, and panic (no details found).

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