Asylum seekers in Scotland: The accommodation of diversity



Sim D & Bowes A (2007) Asylum seekers in Scotland: The accommodation of diversity. Social Policy and Administration, 41 (7), pp. 729-746.

This article explores the experiences of asylum seekers who have been housed in Glasgow under the government's dispersal policy. It notes the work of the Audit Commission in identifying those factors which may be considered when assessing the suitability of areas for asylum-seeker settlement. These factors are then discussed in detail in relation to the Glasgow case study, using information derived from interviews with asylum seekers themselves, with service providers and various community and voluntary organizations. The article notes the impact of additional factors such as media coverage, which were not considered by the Audit Commission. The article discusses the appropriateness of cities such as Glasgow, with relatively small minority ethnic populations, as locations for asylum-seeker settlement, and explores the impact of devolution. It concludes by suggesting that areas such as Glasgow may, with the appropriate commitment, become places where asylum seekers may successfully settle, once they have received refugee status, with new multicultural communities being created.

AREAS; asylum seekers; Audit; CASE studies; CITY; Commitment; Communities; community; DISPERSAL; diversity; ethnic; experience; experiences; factors; Glasgow; IMPACT; Information; Interview; Interviews; location; media; MINORITIES; MINORITY; ORGANIZATION; Organizations; PLACE; policies; Policy; Population; POPULATIONS; Scotland; service; service provider; service providers; SETTLEMENT; VOLUNTARY; WHO; work

Social Policy and Administration: Volume 41, Issue 7

Publication date31/12/2007
Place of publicationOXFORD, ENGLAND

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Professor Alison Bowes
Professor Alison Bowes

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