GyroDb: gyrodactylid monogeneans on the web


Harris PD, Cable J, Shinn A, Bakke TA & Bron J (2008) GyroDb: gyrodactylid monogeneans on the web. Trends in Parasitology, 24 (3), pp. 109-111.

GyroDb ( is a web-based resource that enables access to information on a key group of monogenean ectoparasites - the gyrodactylids. These small (<1 mm) viviparous flatworms are ubiquitous on fish (Figure 1), also infect cephalopods and aquatic tetrapods, and can be pathogenic and kill their hosts. Some are economically important pathogens of wild and cultured finfish. Gyrodactylids are maintained easily in the laboratory and display short, direct life cycles, making them ideal models to provide insights into a variety of key parasitological questions [1]. The devastating Gyrodactylus salaris epidemics in Norway since the 1970s have renewed interest in gyrodactylids and led to an improved understanding of their systematics and ecology [1]. GyroDb represents a major new information resource for this important taxon, which will hopefully open the doors of gyrodactylid research to the wider parasitological community.

Output Type: Letter

Trends in Parasitology: Volume 24, Issue 3

Publication date31/03/2008