A cohort study of the risk of cancer associated with type 2 diabetes


Ogunleye AA, Ogston SA, Morris AD & Evans J (2009) A cohort study of the risk of cancer associated with type 2 diabetes. British Journal of Cancer, 101 (7), pp. 1199-1201.

Background: There is evidence to suggest that diabetes may increase the risk of incidence and mortality from cancer. Methods: In a cohort study using record-linkage health-care datasets for Tayside, Scotland in 1993-2004, we followed up 9577 newly diagnosed patients with type 2 diabetes, and two matched non-diabetic comparators, in the national cancer register. Results and conclusions: The risk ratio for any cancer, adjusted for deprivation, was 0.99 (95%CI 0.90-1.09). Significantly increased risks were observed for pancreatic, liver and colon cancer.

Cancer; evidence; Health care; HEALTH-CARE; healthcare; Liver; method; methods; MORTALITIES; MORTALITY; patient; Patients; RATIO; risk; Scotland

British Journal of Cancer: Volume 101, Issue 7

Publication date31/10/2009
Publication date online18/08/2009
Date accepted by journal16/07/2009
PublisherNature Publishing Group/ Cancer Research UK
Place of publicationLondon

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