Public relations and tourism: Critical reflections and a research agenda



L'Etang J, Falkheimer J & Lugo J (2007) Public relations and tourism: Critical reflections and a research agenda. Public Relations Review, 33 (1), pp. 68-76.

This article is based on the belief that research focused on PR tourism is of fundamental importance to understanding the role ofPR in contemporary culture. Our analysis shows that tourism has not received much attention from PR researchers and that a criticalperspective uncovers a host of key issues in promotional culture: power, politics and diplomacy in international communication;risk, ethics and social responsibility; globalisation and multiculturalism; and 'media panics' and 'media events'.

ABSTRACTS; ACCURACY; AFFILIATION; agency; analysis; Attention; BELIEF; codes; Communication; Copyright; CULTURE; diplomacy; email; ETHICS; EVENT; HOST; International; ISSUES; media; MULTICULTURALISM; NUMBER; panic; PERSPECTIVE; Politics; Power; properties; PUBLIC relations; Publishing; Reflection; Research; research agenda; researchers; Responsibilities; RESPONSIBILITY; review; risk; Role; Science; SITES; Stirling; Sweden; TOURISM; understanding; United Kingdom; universities

Public Relations Review: Volume 33, Issue 1

Publication date31/03/2007
Publication date online04/01/2007