Policies and conflicts in call control



Turner KJ & Blair L (2007) Policies and conflicts in call control. Computer Networks, 51 (2), pp. 496-514.

Policy-based management is introduced and related to the specific needs of call control. It is explained how policies differ in important ways from features. Related work on policy-based management is reviewed, leading to the conclusion that a different approach is required for call control. A general architecture is presented for a policy system. This includes an overview of the major policy components, relating them to the system under control and to the context system that provides additional information. As a framework for explaining how policy conflicts are handled, the policy language for call control is briefly presented along with some sample policies. The paper then focuses on how policy conflicts are defined and resolved, using sample resolutions to illustrate the approach. Pointers are given to future enhancements to policy support, including new applications of policies to novel domains.

ABSTRACTS; ACCURACY; AFFILIATION; ARCHITECTURE; codes; COMPONENTS; COMPUTER networks; conflict; CONFLICTS; context; Control; Copyright; DOMAINS; email; enhancement; Feature; features; Future; Industry; Information; INFORMATION services; Internet; INTERNET industry; INTERNET telephony; language; Management; MATHEMATICS; NEED; needs; NETWORK; networks; NUMBER; other; policies; Policy; Policy conflict; properties; SAMPLE; Science; service; services; SITES; Stirling; support; SYSTEM; Systems; TELECOMMUNICATION; Telephone; TELEPHONE systems; United Kingdom; universities; voice; VOICE mail systems; work

Computer Networks: Volume 51, Issue 2

Publication date02/07/2007
Publication date online20/09/2006

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Professor KEN Turner

Professor KEN Turner

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