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Consumer communications and networking

Kolberg M, Merabti M & Moyer S (2008) Consumer communications and networking. IEEE Communications Magazine, 46 (12), pp. 30-31.

A technology that is increasingly visible in the consumer communications domain is peer-to-peer (P2P) communications networks. This is due not mainly to illegal downloads or file sharing, but much more to large-scale consumer communications and distributing contents among subscribers. The main advantage of P2P overlay networks over client-server-based systems is that they do not require central server components; and with respect to management and maintenance, P2P systems are self-managing, in that they can cope with nodes leaving and joining even at a high churn rate. Moreover, P2P systems are very scalable and can cope with a large number of nodes. Typically P2P systems operate as an overlay network on top of the IP layer.

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Output Type: Editorial

IEEE Communications Magazine: Volume 46, Issue 12

Author(s)Kolberg, Mario; Merabti, Madjid; Moyer, Stan
Publication date31/12/2008
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