Towards a computational model for-1 eukaryotic frameshifting sites


Bekaert M, Bidou L, Denise A, Duchateau-Nguyen G, Forest J, Froidevaux C, Hatin I, Rousset J & Termier M (2003) Towards a computational model for-1 eukaryotic frameshifting sites. Bioinformatics, 19 (3), pp. 327-335.

Motivation: Unconventional decoding events are now well acknowledged, but not yet well formalized. In this study, we present a bioinformatics analysis of eukaryotic −1 frameshifting, in order to model this event.Results: A consensus model has already been established for -1 frameshifting sites. Our purpose here is to provide new constraints which make the model more precise. We show how a machine learning approach can be used to refine the current model. We identify new properties that may be involved in frameshifting. Each of the properties found was experimentally validated. Initially, we identify features of the overall model that are to be simultaneously satisfied. We then focus on the following two components: the spacer and the slippery sequence. As a main result, we point out that the identity of the primary structure of the so-called spacer is of great importance.

Bioinformatics: Volume 19, Issue 3

Publication date12/02/2003
PublisherOxford University Press