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Expression and tissue distribution of plaice glutathione S-transferase-A

Leaver M, Scott K & George S (1992) Expression and tissue distribution of plaice glutathione S-transferase-A. Marine Environmental Research, 34 (1-4), pp. 237-241.;

Glutathione S-transferase (GST) activity was present in all tissues examined of a marine flatfish, the plaice (Pleuronectesplatessa). It was predominately expressed in liver, with lower but significant activities present in the kidney, intestine and gills. Immunoblot analysis with specific antisera to GST-A and B, the two major hepatic isoforms, showed that both were expressed in all tissues except spleen; however, clear differences in the relative proportions of total GST activity and these isoforms were observed. The expression of GST-A mRNA was also investigated by a cRNA probe and followed the enzyme protein levels. The results indicate that GST-A is the predominant isoform in gills and that other, so far uncharacterised isoforms, must account for the high enzyme activity measured by conjugation of chlorodinitrobenzene in liver.

Marine Environmental Research: Volume 34, Issue 1-4

Author(s)Leaver, Michael; Scott, Karen; George, Stephen
Publication date31/12/1992
Publication date online15/04/2003
Publisher URL…0141113692901142
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