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Regulation of hepatic glutathione S-transferase expression in flounder

Scott K, George S & Leaver M (1992) Regulation of hepatic glutathione S-transferase expression in flounder. Marine Environmental Research, 34 (1-4), pp. 233-236.;

The major glutathione S-transferase isoform of flounder liver, an antigenically related structural homologue of plaice GST-A, also displays mRNA homology. A 901bp cRNA probe for plaice GST-A cross-hybridised to a 1100bp flounder mRNA on northern blot analysis. The plaice antibody and cRNA probes were used to study effects of inducer treatment on GST-A expression in flounder liver. Six days after PAH treatment (3-methylcholanthrene) total hepatic GST activity was halved, levels of GST-A were 80% and GST-A mRNA levels were 25% of controls. A commercial PCB mixture (Aroclor 1254TM) had little effect on total GST or GST-A levels despite halving GST-A mRNA levels. An epoxide, trans-stilbene oxide induced total GST activity 1·4 fold and GST-A protein levels 1·8-fold and its mRNA levels 3-fold. This reduced expression of the major flounder hepatic GST by agents which induce cytochrome P4501A1 may modulate cytoxicity of environmental pollutants in this species.

Marine Environmental Research: Volume 34, Issue 1-4

Author(s)Scott, Karen; George, Stephen; Leaver, Michael
Publication date31/12/1992
Publication date online15/04/2003
Publisher URL…014111369290113Z
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