A Parcellation Scheme for Human Left Lateral Parietal Cortex


Nelson SM, Cohen AL, Power JD, Wig GS, Miezin FM, Wheeler ME, Velanova K, Donaldson D, Phillips JS, Schlaggar BL & Petersen SE (2010) A Parcellation Scheme for Human Left Lateral Parietal Cortex. Neuron, 67 (1), pp. 156-170.

The parietal lobe has long been viewed as a collection of architectonic and functional subdivisions. Though much parietal research has focused on mechanisms of visuospatial attention and control-related processes, more recent functional neuroimaging studies of memory retrieval have reported greater activity in left lateral parietal cortex (LLPC) when items are correctly identified as previously studied ("old") versus unstudied ("new"). These studies have suggested functional divisions within LLPC that may provide distinct contributions toward recognition memory judgments. Here, we define regions within LLPC by developing a parcellation scheme that integrates data from resting-state functional connectivity MRI and functional MRI. This combined approach results in a 6-fold parcellation of LLPC based on the presence (or absence) of memory-retrieval-related activity, dissociations in the profile of task-evoked time courses, and membership in large-scale brain networks. This parcellation should serve as a roadmap for future investigations aimed at understanding LLPC function.

SYSNEURO; SYSBIO; SIGNALING ; Brain Anatomy; Neuropsychology; Brain anatomy & histology

Neuron: Volume 67, Issue 1

Publication date15/07/2010
PublisherCell Press