Human brain activity time-locked to perceptual event boundaries


Zacks JM, Braver TS, Sheridan MA, Donaldson D, Snyder AZ, Ollinger JM, Buckner R & Raichle ME (2001) Human brain activity time-locked to perceptual event boundaries. Nature Neuroscience, 4 (6), pp. 651-655.

Temporal structure has a major role in human understanding of everyday events. Observers are able to segment ongoing activity into temporal parts and sub-parts that are reliable, meaningful and correlated with ecologically relevant features of the action. Here we present evidence that a network of brain regions is tuned to perceptually salient event boundaries, both during intentional event segmentation and during naive passive viewing of events. Activity within this network may provide a basis for parsing the temporally evolving environment into meaningful units.

Nature Neuroscience: Volume 4, Issue 6

Publication date30/06/2001
PublisherNature Publishing Group