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An unusual social display in gorillas

Parnell RJ & Buchanan-Smith HM (2001) An unusual social display in gorillas. Nature, 412 (6850), p. 294.

We have observed wild western lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) using water to generate spectacular 'splash displays'. Most of these displays were made by silverbacks in an agonistic context, and we propose that they are primarily linked to the intimidation of potential rivals for female acquisition. This unusual behaviour may have developed only in gorillas that visit open swampland, where visibility greatly exceeds that encountered in the forest and highly visual, long-distance displays are therefore of value.

Nature: Volume 412, Issue 6850

Author(s)Parnell, Richard J; Buchanan-Smith, Hannah M
Publication date19/07/2001
PublisherNature Publishing Group
Publisher URL…pdf/412294a0.pdf
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