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Far from 'the magic of the mall': Retail (Change) in 'other places'

Findlay A & Sparks L (2012) Far from 'the magic of the mall': Retail (Change) in 'other places'. Scottish Geographical Journal, 128 (1), pp. 24-41.

Abstract: A pre-occupation with the ‘new' and a focus on corporate retailers and spaces has led to a lack of consideration of change and issues in secondary or ‘other places' of retail. Using a longitudinal survey methodology, data on retail stock, churn, vacancy and use are considered for one such ‘other place' - Shettleston in Glasgow. The data show complex dimensions and aspects of vulnerability and resilience, compounded by reactions to exogenous retail and other economic and social changes. Far from being ‘seedy, pre-historical backwaters', Shettleston and similar ‘other' places can be vital, local centres playing a variety of useful roles. They require support and attention every bit as much as more high profile town centres and high streets.

retail;vacancy;town centres;Shettleston

Scottish Geographical Journal: Volume 128, Issue 1

Author(s)Findlay, Anne; Sparks, Leigh
Publication date31/03/2012
Publication date online23/04/2012
Date accepted by journal14/03/2012
PublisherTaylor & Francis (Routledge) on behalf of the Scottish Geographical Society
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