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Flexible and Configurable Verification Policies with Omnibus

Wilson T, Maharaj S & Clark R (2008) Flexible and Configurable Verification Policies with Omnibus. Software and Systems Modeling, 7 (3), pp. 257-272.;

The three main assertion-based verification approaches are: run-time assertion checking(RAC), extended static checking (ESC) and full formal verification (FFV). Each approach offers a different balance between rigour and ease of use, making them appropriate in different situations. Our goal is to explore the use of these approaches together in a flexible way, enabling an application to be broken down into parts with different reliability requirements and different verification approaches used in each part. We explain the benefits of using the approaches together, present a set of guidelines to avoid potential conflicts and give an overview of how the Omnibus IDE provides support for the full range of assertion-based verification approaches within a single tool.

; Computer program Verification; Omnibus (Computer program language)

Software and Systems Modeling: Volume 7, Issue 3

Author(s)Wilson, Thomas; Maharaj, Savi; Clark, Robert
Publication date31/12/2008
Publication date online06/06/2007
Publisher URL…181/fulltext.pdf
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