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Quality objectives for aquaculture training

Bostock J, Stewart JA & Muir J (1994) Quality objectives for aquaculture training. In: Chou L, Munro A, Lam T, Chen T, Cheong L, Ding JK J, Hooi K, Khoo H, Phang V, Shim K & Tan C (eds.) The Third Asian Fisheries Forum: Proceedings of the Third Asian Fisheries Forum, Singapore, 26-30 October 1992. The Third Asian Fisheries Forum, Singapore, 26.10.1992-30.10.1992. Manila, Philippines: The Asian Fisheries Society, pp. 175-178.

Aquaculture training is carried out at a number of levels, using a wide variety of methodologies and techniques. Although training is expensive, a lack of training can result in both lost opportunities, and actual loss through inefficiency and costly mistakes. To maximise the benefit of training programmes it is essential to ensure that they are properly targeted and adequately meet the needs of participants and secondary beneficiaries such as employers. This can be achieved by applying training needs analysis, a clear statement of aims and objectives for every part of the training, and a thorough evaluation process to monitor the value of each training programme.

Aquaculture; Training; Needs analysis; Evaluation

Author(s)Bostock, John; Stewart, J Alan; Muir, James
Publication date31/12/1994
Publication date online31/12/1994
PublisherThe Asian Fisheries Society
Place of publicationManila, Philippines
ConferenceThe Third Asian Fisheries Forum
Conference locationSingapore
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