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Physician, Heal Thyself: The Son's Room

Izod J & Dovalis J (2012) Physician, Heal Thyself: The Son's Room. Kinema, 37, pp. 5-20.

The Son's Room centers on the Sermontis, a family of four whose contentment is shattered by the unexpected death of adolescent son Andrea. Desolate, the boy's mother and sister mourn deeply, in due time recovering from the immediate ravages of their loss; but his father, Giovanni, cannot progress his grieving. Nor can he manage to continue with his practice as a psychotherapist. This paper investigates the particular difficulties he experiences n both his professional life and his psyche that inhibit him from opening up to the mourning process.

Developmental psychology; family dynamics; grieving; mourning; failure of the spiritual, Nanni Moretti; The Son’s Room (La Stanza del Figlio)

Kinema: Volume 37

Author(s)Izod, John; Dovalis, Joanna
Publication date30/04/2012
PublisherUniversity of Waterloo, Ontario
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