Edited Book

Lordship and architecture in medieval and Renaissance Scotland


Oram R & Stell G (eds.) (2005) Lordship and architecture in medieval and Renaissance Scotland. Edinburgh: John Donald.

Fifteen studies of the architectural patronage of particular families or groups explore how the nobility operated socially and economically, as well as politically, in the organisation and structure of lordship throughout the medieval and renaissance periods. The contributors draw on the traditions and strengths of Scottish genealogical, archaeological and art-historical enquiry to illustrate key themes, which include: family or kindred styles in building on a local, regional or national level; builders' or patrons' motives; the scale and use of the buildings; and ascertainable changes in function, purpose and attitude.

EditorProfessor Richard Oram
Publication date31/12/2005
PublisherJohn Donald
Place of publicationEdinburgh