Quality and Safety in Nurse Education: Are We in a State of Readiness?


Beattie M & Rooney K (2012) Quality and Safety in Nurse Education: Are We in a State of Readiness?. Nurse Education Today, 32 (6), p. 622–623.

Internationally, improving the quality of health care remains challenging (Scottish Government, 2010; Department of Health, 2008; Institute of Medicine, 2001). Despite significant advances in evidence-based healthcare, patients are often in receipt of poor care. The evidence base suggests that 1 in 10 patients admitted to NHS hospitals will be unintentionally harmed and that around 50% of these events could have been avoided if lessons from previous incidents had been learned (National Audit Office, 2005). Patient safety incidents cost the NHS in the UK an estimated £2 billion a year in extra bed days alone (National Audit Office, 2005). Despite our best efforts, patient harm from healthcare has remained relatively common with little evidence of improvement over the last 10 years (Landrigan et al., 2010).

Output Type: Editorial

Nurse Education Today: Volume 32, Issue 6

Publication date31/08/2012
Date accepted by journal13/07/2012