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Developmental differences in the span of visual memory for pattern

Wilson JTL, Scott JH & Power KG (1987) Developmental differences in the span of visual memory for pattern. British Journal of Developmental Psychology, 5 (3), pp. 249-255.

A procedure is described which gives a measure of memory span for patterns. Results are presented from a study of four age groups: 5+, 7+, 11+, and adults. Pattern span increases rapidly between the ages of 5 and 11, by which time it is at the adult level. Span is decreased by an interpolated interfering task, and there is memory decay over a 10 second unfilled interval. The results are interpreted as evidence for a system for representing patterns which is shared by short- and long-term visual memory, but which is distinct from systems for verbal representation.

British Journal of Developmental Psychology: Volume 5, Issue 3

Author(s)Wilson, J T Lindsay; Scott, Jane H; Power, Kevin George
Publication date30/09/1987
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