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Living Organ Donation: the Effect of Message Frame on an Altruistic Behaviour

McGregor LM, Ferguson E & O'Carroll R (2012) Living Organ Donation: the Effect of Message Frame on an Altruistic Behaviour. Journal of Health Psychology, 17 (6), pp. 821-832.

Objective: This experimental study investigates the impact of message frame and risk perceptions upon willingness to consider living organ donation. Design: A 2 (gain vs. loss) by 2 (liver vs. kidney) by 2 (involved vs. not involved) between-group study was conducted. Method: Eighty-seven participants completed a questionnaire after reading a vignette designed to invite participants to consider living kidney or liver donation. Results: Within a gain frame scenario, willingness to donate was significantly higher when the risk of donating was lower. Conclusion: The results have important implications for the generalizability of framing theories and the promotion of living organ donation.

living donation; message frame; questionnaire; transplantation; vignette; Medical ethics

Journal of Health Psychology: Volume 17, Issue 6

Author(s)McGregor, Lesley M; Ferguson, Eamonn; O'Carroll, Ronan
Publication date30/09/2012
Publication date online21/11/2011

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