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Management strategy evaluation: a powerful tool for conservation?

Bunnefeld N, Hoshino E & Milner-Gulland EJ (2011) Management strategy evaluation: a powerful tool for conservation?. Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 26 (9), pp. 441-447.

The poor management of natural resources has led in many cases to the decline and extirpation of populations. Recent advances in fisheries science could revolutionize management of harvested stocks by evaluating management scenarios in a virtual world by including stakeholders and by assessing its robustness to uncertainty. These advances have been synthesized into a framework, management strategy evaluation (MSE), which has hitherto not been used in terrestrial conservation. We review the potential of MSE to transform terrestrial conservation, emphasizing that the behavior of individual harvesters must be included because harvester compliance with management rules has been a major challenge in conservation. Incorporating resource user decision-making required to make MSEs relevant to terrestrial conservation will also advance fisheries science.

; Agricultural resources Africa Management

Output Type: Opinion

Trends in Ecology and Evolution: Volume 26, Issue 9

Author(s)Bunnefeld, Nils; Hoshino, Eriko; Milner-Gulland, Eleanor J
Publication date30/09/2011
PublisherCell Press/ Elsevier
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