Crafting the mind of PROSOCS agents


Bracciali A, Endriss U, Demetriou N, Kakas A, Stathis WL & Stathis K (2006) Crafting the mind of PROSOCS agents. Applied Artificial Intelligence, 20 (2-4), pp. 105-131.

PROSOCS agents are software agents that are built according to the KGP model of agency. KGP is used as a model for the mind of the agent, so that the agent can act autonomously using a collection of logic theories, providing the mind's reasoning functionalities. The behavior of the agent is controlled by a cycle theory that specifies the agent's preferred patterns of operation. The implementation of the mind's generic functionality in PROSOCS is worked out in such a way so it can be instantiated by the platform for different agents across applications. In this context, the development of a concrete example illustrates how an agent developer might program the generic functionality of the mind for a simple application.

Applied Artificial Intelligence: Volume 20, Issue 2-4

Publication date28/02/2006
PublisherTaylor and Francis