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Do primate action plans work?



Morgan BJ, Dunn A, Gonder MK, Kormos R, Maisels F, Nicholas A, Sunderland-Groves J & Williamson EA (2012) Do primate action plans work?. International Primatological Society XXIV Congress Mexico 2012: Primatology's Legacy and Future Challenges, Cancun, Mexico, 12.08.2012-17.08.2012.

John Oates authored the first primate conservation Action Plan in 1986, which assessed the status of and proposed conservation actions for all mainland African primate species. A revised version of the continent-wide plan was published in 1996, but since then, action plans have generally evolved into prioritizing actions for specific species, often within defined landscapes. We will review and evaluate the content and success of conservation action plans for the nine currently recognized taxa of chimpanzees and gorillas in Africa. Since 2003, six detailed action plans and one population viability analysis have been published, covering priority actions and landscapes for seven of the nine great ape taxa in Africa. Two further action plans (for gorillas and chimpanzees in Eastern DRC and for bonobos) are in the final stages of review and may also be included in the analysis. Assessments for western chimpanzees, Cross River gorillas, western lowland gorillas and central chimpanzees have been peer reviewed, and we will consider their recommendations and the challenges of quantitatively evaluating the success of primate conservation action plans.

Publication date31/08/2012
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ConferenceInternational Primatological Society XXIV Congress Mexico 2012: Primatology's Legacy and Future Challenges
Conference locationCancun, Mexico

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Professor Fiona Maisels

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Professor Liz Williamson

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