The Effectiveness of Support and Rehabilitation Services for Women Offenders


Trotter C, McIvor G & Sheehan R (2012) The Effectiveness of Support and Rehabilitation Services for Women Offenders. Australian Social Work, 65 (1), pp. 6-20.

There is a large body of research evidence suggesting that support, rehabilitation, and supervision programs can help offenders to reduce recidivism. However, the effectiveness of these services is dependent upon the extent to which the workers who deliver them comply with "what works" principles and practices. Because most of this research has been conducted with men, this study focused on the extent to which these principles and practices apply to women. In particular, the study examined services offered to a group of women in prison in Victoria, Australia, and following their release to the community; and the relationship between these women's views about the services, recidivism, and the characteristics of the services. Results were generally consistent with earlier research. The women favoured services that are delivered by workers who are reliable, holistic, collaborative, who understand the women's perspective, and that focus on strengths. They did not support services that challenged the women, focused on their offences, or on the things they did badly.

; Female offenders Services for; Female offenders Rehabilitation Community-based corrections ; Sex differences

Australian Social Work: Volume 65, Issue 1

Publication date31/03/2012
PublisherTaylor and Francis