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A validated macroscopic key to assess fin damage in farmed rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Hoyle I, Oidtmann B, Ellis T, Turnbull J, North BP, Nikolaidis J & Knowles TG (2007) A validated macroscopic key to assess fin damage in farmed rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Aquaculture, 270 (1-4), pp. 142-148.

Fin damage, commonly referred to as fin erosion, has been highlighted as a welfare issue in farmed fish. An objective means for describing fin damage is required by both fish welfare researchers and the industry for quality assurance. For rapid quantitative assessments of fin size, 6-point photographic scales have been designed for small (less than 50 g) and large (greater than 50 g) fish, covering the range of fin damage observed on rainbow trout on UK farms. Inter- and intra-operator tests show that scoring is consistent both within and between operators. An experienced operator can assess all 7 rayed fins on a fish within 2 min. Additional qualitative descriptors (splitting, exposed rays, haemorrhage, inflammation, scaring/thickening, kinking/folding) have also been developed to categorise resultant malformations to the fins.

rainbow trout; fin damage; fin erosion; animal welfare

Aquaculture: Volume 270, Issue 1-4

Author(s)Hoyle, Imogen; Oidtmann, Birgit; Ellis, Tim; Turnbull, James; North, Ben P; Nikolaidis, John; Knowles, Toby G
Publication date28/09/2007
Date accepted by journal27/03/2007
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