A histopathological disease survey of cultured shrimp in North East Sumatera, Indonesia


Turnbull J, Larkins PE, McPadden C & Matondang R (1994) A histopathological disease survey of cultured shrimp in North East Sumatera, Indonesia. Journal of Fish Diseases, 17 (1), pp. 57-65.

A disease survey was conducted in North East Sumatera, Indonesia, during June and July 1991. The object was to obtain information regarding the diseases present in shrimp culture facilities. Shrimp were sampled for histopathological examination and details of the farm management and environment were recorded. The stocks sampled included some reported to be suffering from disease problems and some reported to be in good health. Samples were taken from 24 pond farms, five hatcheries and a broodstock fisherman. All farms and hatcheries cultured Penaeus monodon Fabricius, one farm also cultured Penaeus merguiensis de Mann, and two cultured Metapenaeus spp. Several wild caught P. monodon female broodstock and some wild rice shrimp (Acetes spp.) were also sampled. The disease conditions detected in P. monodon were monodon baculovirus (MBV), hepatopancreatic parvo-likc virus (HPV), septic hepatopancreatic necrosis (SHN), bacterial septicaemia (BS), haernocytie enteritis (HE), lymphoid organ pathology (LOP), external fouling organisms (EFO), and a single unconfirmed case of infectious hypodermal and haemopoietic necrosis (IHHN). The Acetes spp. from one site had a microsporidean infection in the striated muscle of the abdomen. EFO was the most common disease condition, and was identified in 16 farms and three hatcheries. MBV was detected in 14 farms, three hatcheries and in one broodstock. SHN was found in 13 farms with one case of concurrent BS and LOP was found in eight farms. HE was found in four farms and HPV was identified in shrimp with MBV on two farms and as the only disease in one broodstock. The significance and implications of these findings for the developing industry in Indonesia are discussed.

Journal of Fish Diseases: Volume 17, Issue 1

Publication date31/01/1994