The description of the rate of protein and lipid growth in pigs in relation to live weight



Whittemore CT & Green D (2002) The description of the rate of protein and lipid growth in pigs in relation to live weight. Journal of Agricultural Science, 138 (4), pp. 415-423.

The paper seeks to compare the effectiveness of various functions as appropriate to express protein retention and lipid retention as a function of pig live weight. Linear descriptors were adequate for protein growth over the 20 to 120 kg live weight range, but not adequate when higher live weights were included. Linear descriptors were not adequate for lipid growth over any weight range. Quadratic and cubic polynomials, and the logistic function, were faulted on their failure to describe the known biology. Augmentation of the allometric function added nothing to the simple form. The Gompertz function was consistently effective for the description of daily protein retention rate. The Bridges and Richards functions are more flexible than the Gompertz with respect to the point of inflection, but when applied they resembled the Gompertz and therefore did not materially influence the descriptive outcome. The cubic polynomial, augmented allometric, Bridges and Richards functions, although favoured in other reports, were found to add nothing to the more simple functions. It is concluded that protein retention can be well expressed in relation to live weight by linear and Gompertz functions. Lipid retention could be well described by an allometric relationship with pig mass.

Journal of Agricultural Science: Volume 138, Issue 4

Publication date30/06/2002
PublisherCambridge University Press

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Dr Darren Green

Dr Darren Green

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